What do you do when your Child or Relative gets arrested in Washington DC?

In Washington DC, the person who is arrested is immediately taken to the district police station. Police gathers his/her personal information there. They check in the records if there is any active warrant or they are wanted for something, police takes individual’s finger prints, photographs and other information. The arrested person is then booked and released on citation to appear back in the court. In some arrests, the police will keep the person in custody till his appearance on the next business day in front of the judge who will determine whether the person will remain in police custody or will be released under prescribed conditions of the court. (The conditions differ according to crimes.)

Unfortunately, the metropolitan department doesn’t allow friends or family members to meet the arrested person directly. When you are arrested in Washington DC, you may have the opportunity to call a friend or a family member from police station so that the person can secure your representation even before you appear before judge. So, yes it’s possible to go to jail with an Attorney for the purpose of making representation regarding appearance in the court but only the Attorney will be allowed to meet the person in jail. This is how you can be in constant touch with the inmate.

Inmates in jails of Washington DC are given privilege of making personal call during intake process. Subsequent calls can be made on inmate telephones located in housing units. And legal calls can be made regularly on request. If you want to visit your family member or friend in jail, there is arrangement for social meetings with the inmate at department’s video visitation centre. Face to face visiting time is from 10.00am to 8.00pm and for that you have to schedule the visit by calling on 202-442-6155 between 9.00am to 5.00pm. The visits will be scheduled only for the dates listed on the DC government website. In Maryland, during the initial reception process of the inmate a visitor card is made having names and addresses of persons he or she wants to visit. They are allowed to include up to 15 people to meet in that list. Inmate’s Attorney and anyone on official business may visit inmate even without being the approved visitor’s list. In Virginia also, you have to make visitors’ list but only 5 people are allowed to be included in that. Inmates under disciplinary detention, classification holding or medical isolation will be denied visits from family or friends but there is no such restriction on Attorneys, physicians or minister. There is no special/ particular provision to know the period of time for which the person will be in jail. The period to stay in jail is decided on case to case basis, depending upon the crime. You can stay in touch with inmate through calls or keep informed about that via Attorney of your friend or relative in jail. Apart from that, you can get general inmate information by contacting Department’s record office at (202) 523-7060.

So, if your friend or family member gets arrested in Washington DC, the first step you need to do is to find out the date of initial hearing, then to contact a lawyer and prepare representation of his side of case before his/her appearance before judge. Ilex law app is the easiest way to find the best Attorneys in such situation. If the person is kept in police custody, you need to maintain contact with him via calls and through Attorney.


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